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Sneak Peek > HRE's All New 790RS Series

eGarage just did a feature on the all new 790RS from HRE.  According to my sources, the entire line up has not been finalized yet.  However, they have been working tireless to bring something fresh to the wheel market and being the leader that they are in design and quality, I am quite confident that they will surprise us when they officially release real soon.

Tentatively, here is the 790RS line up:
792RS – twisted 5 spoke
793RS – Multi Spoke
794RS – V–5, 5 spoke variant
797RS – Split 5

Vehicle Fitments should include:
Sports Cars – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW
Sedans – Mid-Size Sedans, Large Sedans (7-series, S-Class, Maserati)

Sizes - 19″ – 22″

(source: HRE Wheels)

When I saw the potential line up, I was surprised as many of you might have been with the lack of "HRE Mesh" design.  But, in a very good way.  The release of P90L for the ultra luxury cars this year stirred up some mixed reactions amongst the HRE fans and haters alike.  The questions that kept popping up in my mind was; "Is this the HRE that I know?".  HRE is no longer the same Mesh wheel company that i was accustomed to.  HRE is truly innovating and pushing the envelope in the design segment and if you have seen some of the videos of late, they certainly have been pushing harder to make the highest quality wheels by investing in newer and better technologies and personnel to truly become and "all-in-house" wheel company.

I, personally love the new direction that HRE is heading and certainly anxious to see the entire new line up of 790RS.

Here is a sneak peek at the  790RS line up.



this combination of black carbon front lip by 3D Design and the Crimson Red really hit the Jackpot!
Great work by Studie

F11 + Hamann

This is such an amazing shot of the F11, built by Studie with Hamann front bumper side skirt and wheels.


Sensory Overload!

Very often, customers will call in and ask for a whole array of parts to be bought for their cars.  All the individual parts look great and will probably look great on the car as well, if isolated to that one portion of the car.  But, putting multiple parts is tricky.  You really need a vision for how you'd like your car to look and make sure that you have a harmonic symbiosis of parts.  How will they come together?  How will the lines and colors interact with each other?

Mike came to us with a shopping list of parts.  Started small with a front lip, and couple of aesthetic pieces.  Very quickly that list snowballed into a full build with suspension, wheels, aero and performance products.  Mike trusted us to make sure that we fully comprehend the styling and performance that he was going for.  We absorbed and gave our feedback.  We took a few parts of the list or swapped them and played with the color scheme until he was happy with what he thought he was getting.  Now, it was our job to make that vision a reality of physical form, fully equipped with the right components that will deliver to its fullest potential on every sensory nerve possible; vision, smell, touch, sound and the mystical one close to heart.

This is what we delivered.


Volk VR G12 US Spec Released!

Our intimate relationship with Macking Industries (importer of Rays and Yokohama wheels), has its perks!
Just yesterday, we received vital information about availability of the Volk VR G12 in not the original spec of 19 - 9.0/10.0 for the M3, but in the much more popular wider 19 - 9.5 et25 / 10.5 et20 set up.

This is especially exciting when the wheel were developed with full performance in mind.  High strength to weight ratio, slim multi spoke design and great colors like the new Extreme Silver

Here is the Gloss Black (special order color) and Formula Silver Double Machined that are in stock!

Check out this amazing Formula Silver Double Machined finish!

Feel free to contact us for More information!
T: 312.265.7750
E: info@wheelsto.com

3D Design North America builds the Perfect Z4

News of Japan’s disaster reached nearly every human in a first world country within a day. The footage was horrifying to watch and the toll on human life and property was terrible, but even as Japan went through it’s dark moments that week there was positive mixed with the negative, hope mixed with the despair of a country living through a disaster of epic proportions. Days and weeks after the Tsunami, two facts became very clear about the people of Japan- they would not give up easily, and they would do anything possible to restore the country as quickly as possible and return to normal life.

Speaking to my friends in Japan about those events, I heard one common theme: “let’s not dwell on the bad, but plan for the good. Let’s move forward, rebuild, and enjoy life”. The tuning companies of Japan seemed to express the same feelings and continue to push forward every day. 3D Deisgn’s newest E89 Z4 is a reflection of this positive philosophy. Plans to create the car were made shortly after the Japanese Tsunami with the intention of making a statement. That statement is simply scribed over the car’s driver’s side window: “Don’t give up, Tohoku”.

3D Design partnered with key players in the US and Germany to create their new car, with each company contributing to the car’s unique style. WSTO and IND worked together to design the car’s overall theme and carefully measure the car’s aggressive wheel fitment. BBS brought their amazing Motorsport wheels to the table directly from BMW’s M3 GT4 program in an 18x9.5 +25 size in the front and 18x10 +30 size in the rear. Yokohama supplied the 235/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear S Drive tires. KW helped with their Variant 3 suspension for a comfortable ride on the street and great handling when the roads begin to wind, while Dinan helped provide a camber plate that gave us that extra secret ingredient to make the BBS wheels fit perfectly. Eisenmann’s technicians hand-built the car’s exhaust system for a sound that matches it’s aggressive exterior, and of course 3D Design’s own aerodynamics package in full carbon fiber works perfectly with the car’s already perfect lines. The car will soon receive a brake upgrade from Brembo, a gauge package from Stack, and an upgraded turbo kit from ESS Tuning.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more updates!